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2018 Leadership Conference Messages

Bro. Ken Brock – Let This Mind Be In You
Bro. Justin Beck – Jesus the Consummate Servant Leader
Bro. Bart Hoblit – Called to be a Servant
Bro. Alan Meyers – Be Faithful to the Call
Bro. Jeremiah Johnson – Call, Train, and Equip Servant Leaders
Bro. Adam Lehigh – Friday Evening Devotions
Bro. Paul Skiles – Servanthood When It Doesn’t Make Sense
Bro. David Rice – Saturday Morning Devotions
Bro. Len Wertz – Diversity of Gifts
Bro. Tom St. John – The Home (Where Servanthood is Caught as much as Taught)
Bro. Phil Franklin – Nurture Our Congregations
Bro. Kevin Funk – The Joys of Servanthood
Bro. John Eberly – Saturday Evening Devotions
Bro. Rodney Kimmel – The Battle for Our Hearts, Waged in Our Minds
Bro. Rob Lichtenberger – Sunday Morning Devotions
Bro. Denny Myers – He Came to Seek, Serve and Save

2018 General Conference Messages

Bro. Alan Meyers – Thou Hast Gained Thy Brother
Bro. Andrew Miller – Deut 7
Bro. Bart Hoblit – Spiritual Hydro-Power
Bro. Clem Bowman – Young People’s Message
Bro. Denny Myers – Church: University for the Mission
Bro. Justin Beck – Crafting Your Personality for His Kingdom
Bro. Ken Brock – Life in a Small Church
Bro. Len Wertz – Separated or Separator?
Bro. Marlin Marks – A Believer’s Workout
Bro. Mike Wray – Swords or Plowshares
Bro. Milton Cook – Partiality Rejoiceth Against Mercy
Bro. Robert Lehigh – The Church Under Attack
Bro. Rodney Kimmel – The Humility of Christ

2016 General Conference Messages

2015 Leadership Conference Messages

2015 General Conference Messages